Under the project Women’s History Archive – Cyprus Library Online for Gender, the Center for Gender Equality and History (KIIF) has conducted a report on the modern and contemporary history of women. The report is based on a review of the relevant literature both at an international and national level. Particularly, the first part of the report refers to important milestones in the development of women’s history as a field of historiography, and offers an overview of the general assumptions and methodological debates within the relevant literature. At this point, the focus lies on the USA and Britain, and secondly on central Europe, because of the rich tradition developed in these regions regarding women’s history at an academic level; a tradition that shaped to a great extent the field of women’s history in the rest of the world. The second part of the study focuses on the local level, namely on the case of Cyprus, and the bibliography in regard to the contemporary history of Cypriot women. For an executive summary of the report, please press here.